Reading and Lehigh Valley's Premier
Bus and Shuttle Service to Philadelphia

Roads lead us to new places and new ideas. Roads lead us home and to the ones we love.
Reading and the Lehigh Valley deserves a better road to the future.


There's a new bus and shuttle service in Reading and the Lehigh Valley. There's a new commitment and dedication to do it better. Clydesdale is the premier bus and shuttle service in Reading, Kutztown, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Quakertown to Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, and Camden, NJ daily. We offer low prices with exceptional customer service and amenities on every tour.

Miles to Go Before We Sleep...

Customers Come First

• Professional Drivers
• Coach Attendant on Bus Tours
• Direct Phone Support 5AM - 10PM
• Modern Web and Mobile Platforms
• Better Access - Park n' Ride in Reading
• Our Customer First Pledge

Better Rides - Better Prices

• Modern Safer Buses & Shuttles
• Free WIFI and 110V Outlets*
• Tracking for Every Route
• Low Prices Better Service
• Water, Drinks, and Snacks - No Charge*
• Blankets, Pillows, and TLC

New Owners and Technology

• A New Way to Move People Better
• A New Model to Impress and Last
• Owned by Technology Experts
• A New Bus Line for the Future
• Dedicated Feature Rich App
• Operated and Owned by Employees

Kutztown/Reading to Philadelphia/Camden, NJ


  • The ONLY Provider to Philly in Berks.
  • Low  Prices, Better Fleet.
  • Commuters to Avoid 422 Traffic Weekdays.
  • Park and Ride in Berks County.
  • New Access to Norristown and Courthouse.
  • Intercity Access @ BARTA
  • KOP, Nightlife and KU Students on Sat/Sun.
  • *Starting at $25.00.
Lehigh Valley to Philadelphia (Coming Soon)


  • Better Fleet, Experience, Service.
  • Reduced Fares for Commuters as Low as $16.
  • The Most Tours and Trips to Philly.
  • Faster Access to Philly.
  • More Enjoyable Journey.
  • A New Personalized Transportation Model.
  • Commited Customer Service.
  • *Starting at $16.00.
Reading to Philadelphia Airport


  • New Direct Access to the Philadelphia Airport.
  • More Affordable Than Gas and Parking.
  • Reconnecting Berks to an international Airport.
  • Courteous Professional Expert CDL Drivers.
  • New Fleet Including Mercedes Sprinters.
  • Drink Service, WIFI, Cable/Netflix/Apple TV
  • No Waiting. Direct Drop-Off and Pick-Ups.
  • Running Every 2 Hours - 5 AM-10 PM.

Reading and Philadelphia Locations

Kutztown, Reading, Norristown

Weekdays: Kutztown Parking Lot B3, BARTA Terminal, Clydesdale Terminal,  Norristown at the Montgomery County Courthouse Complex.

Amtrak, Greyhound Station, Camden

Weekdays: 30th Street Station under the westside portico near 30th Street entrance. 11th and FIlbert to the left of the entrance of Greyhound. Rutgers Univ. Camden, NJ.

Kutztown, Reading, King of Prussia Mall

Weekends: Kutztown Parking Lot B3, BARTA Terminal, Clydesdale Terminal, KOP Mall by Lord and Taylor near Buckman's Ski Shop.    

King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Camden

Weekends: KOP Mall by Lord and Taylor, 30th Street Station under the westside portico on 30th; 11th and FIlbert, Rutgers Univ. Camden, NJ.

Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia Locations (Coming Soon)

Kutztown, Allentown, Bethlehem, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Kutztown stop is located at parking lot B3 near Luckenbill Road, North Campus; Allentown LANTA on Lehigh St; Bethlehem LANTA on Guetter; Quakertown PennDot Park n' Ride.

30th Street Station, 6th/23rd Market, Greyhound Station

Drop-offs are located at 30th Street Station under the westside portico near 30th Street entrance. Courtesy stops on Market St. 11th and FIlbert to the left of the entrance of Greyhound.

11th and Filbert, 15th and JFK, 30th Street Station

Courtesy stops on Market St. 11th and FIlbert to the left of the entrance of Greyhound. Pick up by F. Rizzo on 15th and JFK. 3th Street Station under the westside portico of 30th Street. 

Quakertown, Bethlehem, Allentown, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Quakertown PennDot Park n' Ride; Bethlehem LANTA on Guetter; Allentown LANTA on Lehigh St; Kutztown at parking lot B3 near Luckenbill Road, North Campus.


A New Way To Connect A Community - Philadelphia Airport Express

Access has always been one of the major determining factors in the growth or the decline of a metropolis. If you cannot move people to and from destinations - stagnation from lack of access leads to deterioration of industry and quality of life deteriorates. Berks County and the city of Reading is currently facing a deficiency of access which has placed us in a perilous position. Berks County experienced a loss of access to rail service in 1981 then to any air service in 2004. For a metropolis comprising of over 414,000 inhabitants, this loss has impacted our community for over 15 years. We at Clydesdale are about to change that. 

Beginning summer 2019, Clydesdale Bus Lines will offer an express luxury shuttle direct to and from the Philadelphia Airport to Reading, Pennsylvania every day. Shuttles will run every 2-3 hours between Reading and Philadelphia International Airport. Shuttle service includes beverage and snack service with an unmatched experience connecting Reading to the Philadelphia Airport once again. Deploying thirteen passenger customized Mercedes Sprinters, our customers ride in the most comfortable vehicle on the planet. Our shuttle service is more affordable than a tank of gas or one day of parking at Philadelphia International Airport. Not only do we provide exceptional value, but we also save you time and unneeded stress. At an extremely affordable price point, Clydesdale is a win for our customers and the community. BOOK NOW - seating is limited. *All express shuttles will route though Camden, New Jersey.

Purchase Express Tickets Purchase Door to Door Tickets Philadelphia Airport Pickup Location

A New Way To Track Your Bus

Clydesdale Bus Lines provides the ability for our passengers to track our buses in real time, updating every thirty (30) seconds. We take the guesswork out of locating buses. We are the only transit provider in Berks offering this unique feature. Until we have completed our custom Clydesdale app, we will rely on the trusted applications to track your friends and family, Find My Friends. The app is simple and easy to use.

Any smartphone user on Apple iOS or Android OS can download the free Find My Friends app to track our buses. Simply add your bus (s) to your friends list and your bus will appear on the secure and trusted application. Download Find My Friends app below to get started.

Find My Friends Find My Friends


Creation of the Clydesdale Brand

Clydesdale Lines, LLC. founded in 2018 was a direct response to a community need. The Clydesdale brand is exclusively built in memory of Clyde W. Sheldon, a US WWII Navy Veteran who passed along with his wife Dorothy in a motor vehicle accident in 1995. Clyde Sheldon was Derek Sheldon's Grandfather and hero. He wanted to preserve the memory of the most exceptional man he ever knew.

When Mr. Sheldon was considering the brand for his new company, Derek had his Grandfather in mind. Since Clydesdale horses were the primary power source for livery and transportation needs prior to the industrial revolution, it was only natural to associate the distinctive attributes of the Clydesdale horse and develop the honorarium for his Grandfather.

Our motto, "Miles to Go Before We Sleep..." is derived from the last line of the Robert Frost poem, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening which clearly parallels our company mission  our work continues until every last passenger reaches their destination safely.