About Clydesdale Bus Lines

Change is Coming. Welcome to the Future.

Change is a journey, a destination, a pursuit. Our destination is a mission to forge new roads, new relationships, and a renewed commitment to the community. A dedication to doing it better for you, for the people of Berks County and the Lehigh Valley. We believe there is a better way to provide inter-city mass transit services using new and updated models. Far too long we have watched an unprecedented deterioration of the only access we have into and out of this community via mass transit. We intend to fix that. We pledge to do better. Join us on our journey as we reach new destinations.

Clyde W. Sheldon

Creation of the Clydesdale. Meet Clyde Sheldon.

Clydesdale Lines, LLC. founded in 2018 was a direct response to a community need. The Clydesdale brand is exclusively built in memory of Clyde W. Sheldon, a US WWII Navy Veteran who passed along with his wife Dorothy in a motor vehicle accident in 1995. Clyde Sheldon was Derek Sheldon's Grandfather and hero. He wanted to preserve the memory of the most exceptional man he ever knew.

When Mr. Sheldon was considering the brand for his new company, Derek had his Grandfather in mind. Since Clydesdale horses were the primary power source for livery and transportation needs prior to the industrial revolution, it was only natural to associate the distinctive attributes of the Clydesdale horse and develop the honorarium for his Grandfather.

Derek M. Sheldon

Derek M. Sheldon - Founder

Derek is a self-starting entrepreneur, inventor, and media specialist. Derek has contributed, developed, and project managed several international digital media projects, ranging from prime market to assisting local businesses for the last ten years. Derek's achievements include the development of a top 50 iPhone App reaching 36th on the most downloaded free apps for three weeks on iTunes in 2013. As an inventor, Derek developed a unique technologically advanced pet tracker and a solar-powered digital SUHD marketing display which interacts with mobile applications via Bluetooth called the airPanel™. Derek currently is listed as the inventor on a worldwide utility patent pending on GPS/GSM/Active RFID pet collar technology (US20160135431A1).

Derek has developed and managed several national level platforms and media campaigns for clients in the United States and Canada. Derek is passionate and focused on completing high impact projects for the world's betterment.