Child Passengers

Child Passenger Fares and Regulations as of May 2019

• Children under 2 must be seated in a car seat facing in the rear direction.
• Children up to 4 or 5 must be seated in a car seat and can face the foward direction.
• Children under 57 inches must be seated in a booster seat until proper OEM seat belt use is applicable.
• Clydesdale Lines does not provide car seats or booster seats for children. Parents must bring thier own seats.
Children will not be allow to board if a parent or guardian does not have proper seating for a child.
• Use Promo Code CHILD for children under 12 for a 40% discount.

Clydesdale Children's Reduced Fare and Behavoir Policy:

Children under 12 can ride on all Clydesdale fleet vehicles at a reduced fare of 40%. Parents must supervise their children and maintain control of their child at all times. Parents must do their best to keep loud noises and disturbances as minimal as possible. We understand children often cry and make loud noises, however, extreme unruly children causing major abnormal disturbances in the cabin may be asked to deboard with their parent(s) or guardian(s). Children must ride under the guidelines in the picture below, and in accordance with PA State Law.

Use Promo Code CHILD at check out for 40% off for children under 12.

Children Under 12 on Clydesdale Fleet