Reduced Fares

Reduced Fares are as follows: (February 2019)

• Seniors 60 and older receive 10% off their fares. CODE: SV10
• Veterans and Disabled persons receive 10% off fares. CODE: SV10
• Children under 12 years of age receive 20% off. CODE: C20
• Children under 12 who can sit on a guardian laps ride free.

* Please use those listed promo codes during the check-out process.*

Clydesdale Reduced Fare Policy:

We only accept the following forms of ID to purchase reduced fare tickets. Driver must check valid ID's prior to accepting tickets and boarding the coach. Clydesdale will not delay the departure of any given bus, due to passengers who are unable to board the coach with a reduced fare ticket, not having displayed the proper ID.

The following are accepted forms of identifcation for reduced fares.

Senior Citizens 60 and Older

  • • Driver's license, passport, birth certificate
  • • State-issued non-driver's ID
  • • Medicare or Medicaid ID
  • • NJ Transit Reduced Fare Card or ID
New and Old Medicare ID

Military Personnel and Dependants

The following military personnel is entitled to our 10% discount, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or Retired members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

  • • Geneva Conventions ID card/US Military ID
Military ID's

Persons with Disabilities ADA

  • • Medicare or Medicaid ID
  • • NJ Transit Reduced Fare Card or ID
  • • Doctors note or letter.